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Moment of stance is a creative outlet for my right hemisphere, for all this logic and reason gets the best of me.

The name of my blog comes from the idea of "the decisive moment" from the father of Street Photography Henri Cartier-Bresson. So I capture the moment where my subject strikes a stance (the position of a person, animal or thing, its mental or emotional position).

If you'd like to contact me, send an email to momentofstance@gmail.com

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The story

My first camera was an olympus point and shoot, although a basic camera, it was the families first digital camera, an era where they were rare and expensive. After a while I became frustrated from its limitations and read more in to photography and discovering blogs about certain styles.

My next camera was again a point and shoot, but not like any other. It was an enthusiasts camera, Panasonic Lumix LX3, with full manual control .... ahhhh, finally I have control over the settings of a camera, it was satisfying. I could have easily bought an entry level dSLR with the money I paid for the LX3, but I thought, get the best of the worst (P&S) or worst of the best (dSLR)?

To sharpen my skills and stop taking a billion pictures that meant nothing much but the few that made the cut (the downside to the digital era of photography) I ventured in to film. My first was my fathers Nikon f50 and bought the 50mm 1.8D a cheap but serious lens.
But I wanted to go even more backwards, so I took my friends Cosina CT-1 super, a no name brand Chinese camera. Half of my shots were out of focus, I was bokeh hungry.
Then I bought a Nikon FE ... a lovely, sturdy camera.

With the limitations of my LX3 and film (I could only shoot up to ISO400) and loving full frame goodness. I was on the look out for a dSLR. Luckily rumors of an affordable Nikon FX camera was floating around. It was the d600. I couldn't get my brain to pay such a price, so I waited for a price drop and a sale. And now it's mine!

Although my genre of choice is street photography, I am always learning and trying out other genres.