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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Abdul and Ayeesha: The A team


My friend Abdul wanted me to photograph his wedding and I was more than happy to shoot and be part of such a beautiful moment in his life. I met Abdul through a friend and after a while I found out that he has a huge following in the Instagram world, find him here @arn64

It was a huge gathering of family and friends as both the bride and groom wanted to include everyone in the moment of both the nikah and walima (ceremony and reception).

The setting

The welcoming party and sign in guest list.

To greet the men with these handsome fellas.

Just as sweet as Abdul and Ayeesha's union, plenty of beautiful cakes and biscuits were scattered around.

Perfume as the wedding token for guests.

Welcomers at the door

Let the show begin ...

Words between the father of the bride and the groom in hand to make the wedding official.

The moment she realises she's married, smiling from ear to ear

Parting words from a close friend/cousin and both the fathers,

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